Price Action and Orderflow Course

Market Microstructure and Liquidity Basics

The Price Action and Orderflow Course is based on a series of live webinars in which I teach my approach to trading Bitcoin and other financial markets. 


The course contains over 10 hours of content demonstrating a comprehensive approach to trading price action and orderflow. 


You will develop an in depth understanding of market mechanics and the liquidity dynamics which govern how price moves, as well as where to anticipate volatility, what kind of orderflow to look for before taking a trade and how to identify key levels using price action and volume profile.


If you want to improve as a trader, this is a good place to start.

Identifying Key Structures (Flags and Flag Limits)

Market Structure (Engulf and FTR)

Anticipating Volatility (Liquidity Gaps and Compression)

Navigating Scale (Trading Flow and Managing Expectations)

Volume Profile

False Breaks

Orderflow Dynamics and the Footprint

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